Album Release: Polterchrist – “Badge Of The Assassin”


The death metal apocalypse is upon us! Polterchrist’s brand new monsterpiece “Badge Of The Assassin” has seen the light of day and is now available for the cost of a medium sized Double Whopper value meal from Burger King. Angelcorpse and Marduk are channeled to perfection in this showcase of extremity. You no longer need to scare your children with tales of the Bogeyman living under the bed, this is more terrifying. Guaranteed to level the house of that asshole neighbor who borrowed your lawnmower and returned it in three pieces. Get it!!! Ten fucking bucks for ten fucking inverted crosses!!!


Aurora Borealis

My friend Bethany took a trip to northern Europe, and after days of failed expeditions FINALLY saw the Northern Lights early in the morning of 10/18/16. She sent back these pics and was kind enough to let me post them here.





These pictures were taken from a boat somewhere in or near Iceland. I am certain that they can’t possible do justice to the magnificence of the aurora, but being bound to Florida this might be the best view I ever get of them.



Solid Silver – “The Amulet”

Solid Silver The Amulet Canadian Doom


This is a piece of spooky doom (think Ghost if they had balls or were an actual metal band) from one man fear factory Solid Silver of Montreal, Quebec. This is the sonic expression of one Matthew Germain and surely will leave you in a mood for some retro horror.


Bonus, for the record, here are my three favorite Solid Silver tunes so far:


Check Matthew’s other works with Solid Silver and other projects on SoundCloud and YouTube.


Military Cover Band Plays Gig For Passing Seamen

Navy Cover Band

Landing their first major gig after a grueling three weeks of band practice, Amber Waves scored an audience of 300 Navy Crew members Sunday afternoon. “It was a complete rush and well worth the hours spent in Jack’s (Riddendorfer, tubist for the band) mom’s shed! I can’t wait to do this again!” said drummer Nick Turner. “On behalf of the band I just want to thank the audience for being so great for those few minutes. Today the dock, tomorrow the Grammy Awards! Next show we’ll even mix in a couple originals! It is going to be some next level stuff!”

The ship passed by within minutes and only got to here their rendition of “America The Beautiful in Cm”, but the band was sure that they made a life altering impact on their audience. For those curious, their next gig will be in Annapolis on Thursday night. Although they are still looking for a specific venue to show up at, they guarantee they will set up and play even if they have to settle for a quick time slot at The Royal Octopus opening for local power trio Jazzsnatch.