Irma, You Whore! (We’re At The Mercy Of Duke Energy At This Point)

Irma Power Outage

Now that Hurricane Irma has come and gone, we’ve got to deal with reality. Power has been out in most of my county since Sunday night. When will it return? Well, Duke Energy is saying Friday midnight at the latest, but given their reputation, we’ll have to wait and see. This just in: Florida is hot. We have 4 kids (one of course is a newborn) and a dog and we are hanging in there. I concede that many people along Irma’s path, particularly in the Caribbean have it FAR worse. However, given that Pinellas County (Florida’s highest population density in a county) is dealing with 77% of the residents losing power when at best we only had Category 1 hurricane winds (some had it FAR FAAAAAAAR worse with Irma), it makes me question why power companies are afforded the luxury of monopoly status in areas. It certainly offers no extra motivation to get in there and kick ass. How did our power in this county fail so monumentally when other counties had a fraction of the damage?

Of course I am just venting. This much time without power in the Florida heat will make anyone go a little crazy, or worse. I know people are working hard on some level to bring us back. I guess you just care and get a little more frustrated when you have kids to take care of. Hang in there, folks… We shall endure.

A sincere thank you to EVERYONE who is aiding in Hurricane cleanup and assistance on any level. This includes all of the electric workers (my brother in-law is one), National Guardsmen (my sister is one), police officers, medical personnel, etc. who’ve left their families out of state to come help us. While I may rant about the people in Duke Energy who are calling shots from the top, I am grateful for the workers with boots on the ground (and in the trees), who are doing their best to restore normalcy. I owe you all a beer and a high five.