2017 Fantasy Baseball Champions!!

I won the championship in my fantasy baseball league this year!!! Chimichanga Express championship banners and T-shirts? Yeah, I should make them. Just kidding, that is way overboard.

Team MVP (batters):

Team MVP (pitchers):

Postseason MVP:

Thanks to Charlie Blackmon, Max Scherzer, George Springer and all the rest if my team from this year 🙂

My First Year Playing Fantasy Baseball: Guess I’ve Done Alright

The above is the final regular season standings from my fantasy baseball league. I’ve been playing fantasy football since 1995, but have never until this year played fantasy baseball. I have a good reason… I’ve never liked baseball… at all… before this year. My workmate invited me to join his league, and he’s a huge baseball fan. He returned the favor and joined the fantasy football league I created for people at the company I work for. 

I got hooked in baseball as soon as I started watching my players. I watched a game every day for at least two months. Football is still king, but baseball has been upgraded to ‘better than OK’ in my book. Below I will post my roster. I am currently in the semifinals and hoping to make it onto the championship game next week. Finishing first by a mile in the regular season does not guarantee postseason success. Stay tuned!

My team: