Irma’s Comin’, And We’re On Her List!

Here it is… the inevitable D-Day. I’m am gonna spend the day distracted by the NFL until the power goes out. We are riding Hurricane Irma out in our home in St Petersburg and optimistically hoping for the best. I got up at 6 am and laid down my basketball hoop and then dug a foot deep trench around the lowest part of the house. Ready for this ride. In-laws are coming over to go through this with us. 8 people, 2 dogs. Irma, be nice!

Hurricane Irma – Surf’s Up!

Scored a day off work today compliments of Hurricane Irma. It is still a day or so away from impacting south Florida but my county was given a mandatory evacuation in the zone where my job sits, so a nice paid day off chilling with the family. Currently listening to the band Toxodeth on the iPod. I was lucky to reap the benefits of having Kansas City Chiefs’ rookie running back Kareem Hunt on my fantasy team this week. He netted me 76 points in my performance bonus boosted scoring system. What is Irma’s impact going to be for the Tampa Bay area? I’ll have to wait and see… A nice heavy breeze with some good rain at very least. Surf’s up, world!