Solved: The Reason The New Orleans Saints Defense Has Been Awful for The Last Several Years

New Orleans Saints Defense

Despite having a terrific offense, the New Orleans Saints have been dreadful on defense for the last several years. After literally milliseconds of scientific study, analysts from MIT have come to the conclusion that it is because the players literally play upside-down, as demonstrated above by former linebacker Jonathan Vilma. It started about the time that Bountygate became a thing when then defensive coordinator Gregg Williams wanted to try something new to match up with current NFL offensive schemes. At some point, through multiple changes at defensive coordinators, the team maintained its upside-down defensive technique. “From our perspective, we have finished at the top of our division for most of the last few years” commented an unnamed defensive end for the team.

Aurora Borealis

My friend Bethany took a trip to northern Europe, and after days of failed expeditions FINALLY saw the Northern Lights early in the morning of 10/18/16. She sent back these pics and was kind enough to let me post them here.





These pictures were taken from a boat somewhere in or near Iceland. I am certain that they can’t possible do justice to the magnificence of the aurora, but being bound to Florida this might be the best view I ever get of them.