Metallica – “Hardwired” Quick Review After One Listen

Metallica Hardwired To Self-Destruct

Metallica released a song yesterday. Usually, that inspires an ‘I don’t give a flying fuck” from me because none of their original music has interested me since “…And Justice For All.” Call me an elitist, whatever, I don’t care. I miss the days of their long epic tunes and James screaming rather than attempting to sing. I’d rather hear a cat orgy than anything from the Black album. Don’t even get me started on “Load”, Reload” or “St. Anger.” I will concede that “Death Magnetic” was at least a slight nod to the old school fans with mixed results, but very average at best. When it comes to “Hardwired” (the song, can’t speak for the album yet, obviously), it at least seems as though they are pounding out aggression yet again. Will it turn into obsession? God I hope so. It is short and angry to the point of possessing a punk ethos. Honestly, I don’t hate the song. Maybe in time I can even learn to ‘like’ it if the rest of the album has some of the same fire behind it. If not, well, at least there is new Sodom, Running Wild, Darkthrone, and Testament coming 🙂 Listen for yourself, and share your thoughts.